The idea behind Less is Home was to create designs and rediscover and re-evaluate cement not only as a building material, but one which could be applied to furnishings.
The brand was started by a very close brother and sister partnership in order to continue the art of their artisan grandfather and father by developing a new, innovative and exciting project together.
Less is Home is just the beginning of a journey that, day by day, continues to grow, and in which Claudio and Desiree firmly believe.


Born January 6, 1988 in Milan, she and her family moved to Conegliano in 1994. Desiree graduated from art school in Treviso before specializing in graphic design at the International School of Graphics in Venice. She has been working as a graphic designer since 2010. She loves flowers, colors and music, and is known for her dangerous DIY streak.


Born March 27, 1991 in Milan, Claudio is currently based in Conegliano, After graduating as a Surveyor, he lived and worked in London for a year. Upon his return he began collaborating with his father and grandfather who taught him the art of cement finishing. In 2012 he was made a partner in Battivelli Manufatti and began to formulate Less Is Home, a project that brings together his passions for "timeless" design and craftsmanship.