LESS is HOME, a new brand of cement interior design products, has its origins in philosopher Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s famous motto “Less is more” or rather “Less is more, less is better”.

Our simple, elegant and linear product designs enrich all environments both interior and exterior, in your home or at work. Our goal is to bring out the inherent beauty of cement while enhancing shape and structure.

What emerges is pure simplicity, free of all unnecessary excessiveness and thereby unlocking the unique and precious elegance of our products’ essence.

Quality that translates to value: solidity, strength, sincerity and substance.

Each LESS is HOME product line is made up of a mixture of high strength concrete, marble granules, fiber and lightweight aggregates. We are also able to create new colors through the use of marble dust and natural oxides that are different to traditional cement tones.

Our completely artisanal processes and the intrinsic characteristics of our cement make each and every item a unique one of a kind.

Our 100% Made in Italy products are guaranteed by Battivelli Manufatti’s decades of experience in cement construction.

Our products may have slight imperfections, however this is due to our artisanal Made in Italy craftsmanship, a guarantee of quality 'and uniqueness', as well as a result of the material’s inherent characteristics.